Self-Hypnosis — What Is It & How Can You Use it?

lemonLet’s clear up some misunderstandings about hypnosis and get to the practical stuff — how to use it.

  1. Hypnosis isn’t magic and it doesn’t give you magical powers.
  2. Self-hypnosis helps you amplify your existing abilities by an intense focus.
  3. There’s nothing supernatural or paranormal about hypnosis.
  4. Hypnosis isn’t mind control except that it helps you control your own mind and get more out of it.

Let’s do a little experiment to better understand


When your mind concentrates fully enough on a thought, the body automatically acts as if that idea is true. Let’s see how well you can concentrate and imagine.

Take a listen to the following recording and play along. It’s fun (all I’m going to be doing is having you imagine a lemon).

If you were able to concentrate well enough, you probably salivated when you brought the imaginary lemon up to your mouth!

Do you see how, when you concentrate on an idea, your mind starts to carry it out automatically? That’s what self-hypnosis does. It helps program your mind to do things automatically. I like to think of it as super-charged concentration.

If you weren’t able to concentrate well enough to salivate, it doesn’t mean that hypnosis doesn’t work for you. It could be that this particular scenario isn’t the best way for you to activate your imagination. You could have something else on your mind or you could have a fear of being hypnotized. It’s good to remember that going into hypnosis is a skill that we all have and like most skills, it can be developed.

How To Achieve Success With Self-Hypnosis

So, what’s necessary for success? How can we use our mind’s ability to concentrate to help us? Here are a couple of the main points.

  • Concentrate on what you want to have happen and, for the time you’re hypnotizing yourself, wrap your mind around that.
  • A suspension of dis-belief. There are times for doubt and considering what else might happen but self-hypnosis is not one of them. During self-hypnosis, imagine your goal as if it is real!

Don’t Waste Your Time

Since self-hypnosis doesn’t give you magical powers, don’t waste your time using it to try to make you levitate or achieve things that are outside of your control (like making another person love you). Use self-hypnosis to point your mind toward being fulfilled, healthy and successful!