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NLP Practitioner Course: Qualify to become a Certified Practitioner of NLP! Neurolinguistic Programming is powerful. Learn why Modern Psychology Magazine says “NLP may be the most powerful vehicle for change in existence.” NLP was developed by studying the natural thought processes of exceptional achievers, and makes their talents available to you – maximizing your potential both personally and professionally! Includes: Advanced Communication Skills, Structures of Excellence, Time for a Change and Neuro-Natural Health & Well-Being. The NLP Practitioner course takes place over the first 8 days of the accelerated Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy course or over 4 weekends in the extended format. Here’s a  schedule of upcoming NLP classes (multiple locations).

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Typical Course Syllabus

Day 1 Advanced Communication Skills



What is NLP

Qualities of successful people

The learning state

Formula for success

NLP Communication Model


Building a Four Tuple

Emotional states


Calibrated loops

Breaking states & patterns

“Getting Gwibbled”


NLP Presuppositions

Day 2 Advanced Communication Skills

Representational Systems

How we communicate

Eye Accessing

Body Accessing



Behavioral Flexibility

Rapport Pacing experience

Mirroring / Matching

Pace–>Pace–>Pace–> LEAD

“New Behavior Generator”

Day 3 Subconscious Communication

Structural elements of Experience

Present States / Desired States

Formula for change

Precision information gathering

META Model

Deletions of experience

Distortions of experience

Generalizations of experience



Mind reading

Criteria & META outcomes

Well-formed outcomes conditions

Well-formedness questions

Day 4 Subconscious Communication

Structure of present states

Structure of desired states

“As If Frame”

Future Pacing


Swish Patterns

Internal Strategies

T.O.T.E Model


Eliciting Strategies

Designing Strategies

Installing Strategies

“Learning Strategies”

“Motivation Strategy”

“Love Strategies”

“Natural Slender Eating Strategy”

Day 5 Neuro-Natural Health & Wholeness

The concept of parts

“Six Step Reframing”

Contextual Reframing

Calibrating congruence/incongruence

Secondary gain

Internal conflict resolution

Integrating conflicting beliefs

Day 6 Neuro-Natural Health & Wholeness

Health & healing factors

Mind body healing techniques

“Healing Patterns of Jesus”

“The Faith Pattern”

Physical trauma relief

Eye movement therapy

Curing allergies

Pain Relief Interventions

Catastrophic illness interventions

Day 7 Time Lines & Regression “Removing Limits, Traumas and Fears”

NLP Model of therapy

3 Place Dissociation

Changing personal history


Re-printing intervention

Time Lines

Time line elicitation

Day 8 Time Lines & Regression “Removing Limits, Traumas and Fears”

Prime directives of the unconscious mind

Taking a detailed personal history

Discovering the root cause

Releasing negative emotions

Handling abreactions

Changing limiting decisions

Changing time lines

Past life regression

S.M.A.R.T Goals

Creating desired futures

Performance Enhancement Techniques

Anxiety elimination

Curing phobias

Logical levels of therapy

NLP Final Exam