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Bennett/Stellar University has a program that qualifies you for certifications as an NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner and certifies you as a Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapist, Reiki Level II Practitioner and Personal Coach.

It’s called Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy™. Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy™ is a unique blend of NLP, Hypnosis and Energy work.


NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner Certification Training Dates & Locations

To register or for further information on any of these trainings, please visit our training contact form.

INTENSIVE NLP TRAINING SCHEDULE (from Bennett/Stellar University): 2007

The intensive trainings are 15 days, held in resort locations all over the world (add one day for Reiki Master Training).

San Diego, CA

Jan 13 – 27

London, England

Feb 3 – 17

Sedona, AZ

Mar 3 – 17

Boca Raton , FL

Apr 14 – 28

London, England

Apr 28 – May 12

Friday Harbor, WA

Jun 9 – 23

Sedona, AZ

Aug 4 – 18

Cape Cod, MA

Sep 15 – 29

Sedona, AZ

Nov 3 – 17

EXTENDED FORMAT NLP TRAINING (from Bennett/Stellar University)

The extended format trainings are held on various weekends, over a period of several months.

San Diego Weekend Trainings Start in January, Seattle Dates TBA

To register or for further information on any of these trainings, please visit our training contact form.

These highly interactive nlp trainings are jam-packed with concepts, exercises and are very, very practical in nature. They make learning nlp and hypnosis fun.

Get nlp training with experienced professionals who works in the field full-time. It’s the best and most enjoyable way to learn this material. Here are some other reasons for choosing this course.

  • Get your skills up to speed quickly – avoid months of weekend classes.

  • Saves you months of needless repetition and rehashing of material. The brain learns quickly and these total immersion intensive courses can install the material more deeply.

  • Extensive written material is provided so the learning and/or review continues long after you’ve completed the course and happens at your speed.

  • Your personal NLP mentor. After you’ve taken the training if you have any questions or wish to further your knowledge the trainers are available to you via phone or email – at no extra charge.

  • Retake the class for free, as an assistant (availability limited).

To Register

First select the training in which you are interested, from the Course Schedule. Registration instructions will be on that page.

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This program is offered in two formats; an accelerated format and an extended format. The intensive format takes place over 15 days at various resort locations. The extended format takes place either in Seattle or San Diego over several months (same number of hours and the same course content).

This training also qualifies with many major national and international professional hypnosis associations.

You’ll learn techniques for directing and focusing energy which strengthen your work and make it more versatile. The course is highly experiential meaning that there’s lots of time actually doing the techniques with qualified experts to help you through.

You’ll learn regression techniques to resolve past issues and you’ll be able to bring people forward to “future pace” or rehearse their success. These techniques help ensure that work is lasting and thorough.

The first part of the program is the NLP Practitioner segment. The Practitioner segment teaches, adds to and deepens NLP skills and techniques and is oriented toward those in a health/counseling related field or those who wish work as an NLP Practitioner.

Those staying on will complete the NLP Master Practitioner segment. This segment is for those who wish to profoundly deepen their knowledge and skill. Hypnosis is covered from several viewpoints with an overall Ericksonian approach. (Master Practitioner taken as a stand-alone requires an NLP Practitioner course completion – call for details).

Reiki is included in order to add the element of energy work to increase the flexibility and power of therapeutic interventions. The Reiki portion includes a tie-in between energetic systems and Hypnosis – Mesmerism.

If you’d like more reasons to choose Bennett/Stellar University as your NLP Training source, follow the link.

Here is more information on the Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy program.