NLP Master Practitioner Course

NLP Master Practitioner Course: This page is meant for those who already have a NLP Practitioner certification from a recognized institute (call for details).

If you have no formal NLP training, our full Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy™ course will take you from zero to Master Practitioner level in just 15 days.

Take your NLP Practitioner skills up several notches! This higher level of NLP education focuses on advanced communication and energy skills.

Master your potential both personally and professionally with…

+ Modeling Techniques

+ Hypnotic & Persuasive Language Patterns

+ Values, Beliefs, Criteria

+ Energetic Healing Techniques

+ Time Line Techniques

+ Sleight of Mouth Patterns

+ Meta-Programs

+ Ericksonian and Authoritarian Hypnosis

And much, much more!

Includes Modules: Time Line & Regression “Removing Limits, Traumas and Fears”, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Somnambulism & Suggestion, Language and Behavior “Amplifying the Power of Suggestion”, Reiki I & II, Mesmerism & Magnetism “Energy Healing & Trance Inductions”. The NLP Master Practitioner course takes place over the last 9 days of the accelerated Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy™ course or over 4 weekends in the extended format.

This course qualifies you for membership in the Society of NLP (through Bennett / Stellar University of NLP and Hypnotherapy).

Contact Bennett/Stellar University for further information, including tuition, registration or for a catalog.

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Course Syllabus

Day 1 Time Lines & Regression “Removing Limits, Traumas and Fears”

NLP Model of therapy

3 Place Dissociation

Changing personal history


Re-printing intervention

Time Lines

Time line elicitation

Day 2 Time Lines & Regression “Removing Limits, Traumas and Fears”

Prime directives of the unconscious mind

Taking a detailed personal history

Discovering the root cause

Releasing negative emotions

Handling abreactions

Changing limiting decisions

Changing time lines

Past life regression

S.M.A.R.T Goals

Creating desired futures

Performance Enhancement Techniques

Anxiety elimination

Curing phobias

Logical levels of therapy

NLP Final Exam

Day 3

Day Off/Integration Of Material

(Accelerated Program Only)

Day 4 Ericksonian Hypnosis, Somnambulism & Suggestion

Hypnosis overview

History and use

General considerations

What hypnosis is not


Features of the two minds

Fundamentals of Ericksonian hypnosis

“That’s Right”

The hypnotic voice

Deep relaxation inductions

The hypnotic pre-talk

Suggestibility tests

Comforting rehearsal inductions


Arm levitation & catalepsy

Ideomotor signaling

Using a pendulum


The science of suggestion

Post hypnotic suggestions

Dissociating the conscious & unconscious

Reframing Interventions

Day 5 Ericksonian Hypnosis, Somnambulism & Suggestion

Authoritarian vs. permissive Inductions

The Milton Erickson Model

Hypnotic language patterns

Embedded suggestions

Double binds

Creating an induction

Deepening techniques & testing

Self hypnosis

Pain control

Creating amnesia

Hypnotic change work

“The Light Technique”

Deep hypnotic phenomena

Progressive test induction

Rapid inductions

Day 6 Language and Behavior “Amplifying the Power of Suggestion”

The power of metaphors

Metaphors and hypnotic suggestions

Creating metaphors and loops

Direct suggestions

Class of problems/Class of Solutions

Using Representational Systems to improve effectiveness

Using Sub-Modalities to improve effectiveness

Sleight of Mouth Patterns


Day 7 Language and Behavior “Amplifying the Power of Suggestion”

Meta Programs

Uses in therapy

Uses in hypnotic suggestions

Uses in management

Uses in promotion & sales

Meta Programs Cont.

Uses in metaphors

Putting it all together becoming the super hypnotherapist

More Sleight of Mouth Patterns

Day 8 Reiki I & II, Mesmerism & Magnetism “Energy Healing & Trance Inductions”

Reiki introduction

History of Reiki

The Reiki Lineage

Demonstration of existence

27 Propositions of Magnetism


The Reiki Principles

The Chakra system

Reiki attunement Level I

Reiki self treatment

Reiki setting & procedures

Energetic inductions

Reiki attunement level II

The Reiki Symbols

Reiki Level II treatment for others

The art of Magnetism

Day 9 Reiki I & II, Mesmerism & Magnetism “Energy Healing & Trance Inductions”

Distant healing

Beaming Reiki

Use to eliminate unwanted habits

Use to empower goals

Use to heal the past

Use to empower the future

Hawaiian Huna The three minds

Hawaiian Huna Forgiveness

“Higher Self Therapy”

Neuro-IMagic Model

Values & Criteria alignment

Successful career

Enriching relationships


Putting it all together

Doing complete sessions

Final Exam

“Thought Inoculation Process”