Clinic Testimonials

“Hello Keith!

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know the quitting smoking has been easybreezy!!! my naturopath thanks you! she asked for your card (which i gave to her)…
anyhoo..just really THANK YOU! the hypnosis is really powerful stuff…
wowser! i feel great! i am FREE!!!! hee hee!”

Sonya Trejo
BP Sweater/Knit Designer

“Hello! I just wanted to let you know how I’m doing. I couldn’t be more grateful for how you helped me. My life has really improved. I didn’t realize how much energy and time I was putting into my eating disorder!

My eating choices have become quite simple — I just choose what’s healthy & fit! I’ve had no urge to binge and purge, and I really can’t forsee a time when I would want to. For example, my husband is going to be gone for a few nights next week. Previously, I would have already been thinking ahead to that “opportunity” for my destructive behavior. But now, it’s not even part of who I am. Why would I choose a behavior that is neither fit nor healthy?

So, thank you so much. Feel free to have any potential patients contact me.”

– K. A.

“I am writing this letter so that you the reader may be encouraged to seek Keith Livingston’s expert advice in helping create the life you’ve always wanted! I was fortunate to have Keith coach me in some areas of my life that I wasn’t happy with. I had some fears about taking the next step in my life, and I had some habits that embarrassed me to even mention. These issues would keep coming up in all areas of my life and inhibit me from being successful.

Now, these old behaviors seem like they were never a part of me so, I can tell you the embarrassing habit I called nail biting. I also had a terrible habit that I was always late wherever I went. It got so bad that my clients knew it was a given I would be late and anytime my family or friends had a get together they would tell me it was an hour earlier. I was always in a panic rush with everything because that’s how I started my day out. I was fed up with it and tried so hard to be on time, but it was exhausting trying to be on time. I was so frustrated with myself. It still amazes me how easy and effortless being on time is now that I found help through hypnosis! I truly believe that I have added years onto my life with the peace and calm Keith has shown me how to have. Boy was everyone in shock the first time I showed up on time.

Every year I would have the same New Years resolutions and fail because I didn’t have the right tools or strategies to follow through with them. Now that I have had tremendous results with hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming: I feel like I can do anything in life that I want to. It’s as easy as that! Here is to the life you have always wanted!

Sincerely Grateful,

Dawn Wicks Rofrano”

“I just wanted to say I have felt a big difference in my approach to work since our session. I’ve been much more productive and therefore much more pleased with myself.”

R.W. – Sales

“Hey there Mr. Keith,
well, I’ve successfully established and used the post hypno re-induction via a key phrase. This stuff’s amazing. I can go into my deep trance (level 10) nearly instantly. So, I’ve been using that trance state to do personal work and stuff. I’ve also connected very well to my unconscious. We are one hell of a team now. I love having dialogs with it. And another cool thing was, I asked it if there’s anything I should do about a situation I was going to be in, that would help me while I was in it. Guess what it told me??? It said, go to a level 5 trance before I got into the situation, and be in it all through it.
Wow. I was pretty amazed!!! So, last night was the acid test, and sure enough, I was in a light trance state (level 5) while interaction with people, and it all worked out great!.

I love this stuff. Especially when I get to test it and see cool results and also unexpected delightful surprises. Thanks for the tip bro. Hope all is well with you. Take care.


Shadow Nightwing CHT MNLP CPC
Law of Attraction Coach
‘The Universe is Abundant,
Get What You Want’

“Keith, you’ve helped me in many facets of my life…”

“It’s so nice not to have cigarettes control my life.

“Keith, thanks for helping me design what I call my ‘Life Operating System’. I feel more at peace…”

“I feel that I have more freedom as a non-smoker for the first time, I’ll be staying at a non-smoking (they all are) Bed & Breakfast in April. I’m also having my teeth whitened. My dentist was so thrilled I quit she’s doing my top teeth for free!”

“My speed of going through study materials and my comprehension have increased ten-fold. My intimidation of the certification exam I am taking has decreased ten-fold also.”

“…my kids thank you.”

“After smoking for over 20 years I really don’t want to smoke. My last cigarette, early in January sat in an ashtray for 5 weeks before I cleaned it. I just didn’t pay any attention to it although I knew it was there, also I still have a few cigs. in that last pack sitting on a shelf, they don’t tempt me at all. Sooner or later I’ll get around to throwing them away.”

“My diet has improved. I’ve found ways to get more fiber and actually enjoy it!”

“Very relaxing, positive experience. Although at first I was skeptical and nervous.”

“My boss (someone I’m not close to) tells me he has observed a new spring in my step & I seem really happy since I quit smoking.”